Stop Wasting Money.

Electricity and Fuel from the grid is EXPENSIVE. You don’t have to pay that when the world around you is filled with ecologically sustainable, carbon neutral, and most importantly FREE fuel. The problem is, you need an efficient and reliable place to burn them. When you burn wood in a traditional wood stove, you’re losing money and heat right out of the chimney.

The Liberator Rocket Heater can and will save you 100’s of dollars a year and increase your self-reliance against outages. Our fully patented design heats workshops, homes, garages, outbuildings, industrial area’s, barns, and much more with up to 2,000 square feet of efficient heating.

In an emergency situation, give yourself the peace of mind that comes from having a wood stove appliance with no electricity, moving parts, and is 100% gravity-fed. A single 40lb bag of pellets will help you weather the storm with over 12 hours of safe heat.

Did we mention  you can cook on the Liberator Rocket Heater? That’s right, the Liberator Rocket Heater is also the Liberator Rocket Stove. With a flat hot-plate like surface you can boil water and cook all of your food easily. Stop wasting separate energy on heating and cooking and combine both to become completely self-reliant in a single, safety tested and listed appliance.

Don’t just take our word on how much money you can save. Review this excerpt from Yahoo News on the high costs of heating.

The polar vortex caused nationwide shivers when it swept across the United States in early January. Now it’s causing convulsions and hyperventilating as millions of American open their latest heating bill.

Emma Turpin of Richmond, Kentucky, got a $140 electric bill in December, which is typical. But the bill for January spiked to $429, which is almost equal to the $450 in monthly rent she and her husband pay for a one-level, two-bedroom house.

“We’re still trying to figure out how we’re going to pay it,” she says. With a two-month-old baby at home, she’s reluctant to turn the heat down by much, as a lot of people do to cut heating bills. To shave costs, the family is eating in more and curtailing trips to Walmart, which saves on gas and provisions both. Turpin also hopes to sell a few of her fancier handbags and other items on eBay, but interest is tepid.

“It seems like everybody’s in a rut right now,” she says. As a last resort, she and her husband may see if local churches or the Salvation Army can offer any kind of heating assistance.

So don’t wait another year paying those high heating costs, invest in a Liberator Rocket Heater and become completely self-reliant from the grid.

Don’t forget! Our Liberator Rocket Heater comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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