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The Liberator Gen 2

$2,474.21$2,904.19 not inc. tax and fees. (Free Shipping included to Continental U.S.)

Pre-Orders Shipped by Summer 2022. This is a pre-sale order and will not ship until Summer 2022.

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Click Here to download the RMH-2 Liberator Rocket Heater Owner’s Manual

The best heater and wood stove in the world is available for pre-order until Dec 31st.

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Get your hands on the future of wood-stove technology.

The Liberator Rocket Heater will be the best and longest-lasting wood-burning heating solution you will ever buy.

All Orders Shipped by Summer 2022. This is a pre-sale order and will not ship until Summer 2022.

Please visit the “Cart” page to apply coupons. The box is on the bottom of your order next to the “Apply Coupon” button.

Capable of burning both Sticks and Pellets, it uses every method of heating available and can even be used as a hot plate for cooking.

The Liberator Rocket Heater is the safest, most effective Rocket Heater commercially available.

Click Here to download The Liberator Gen 2 (RMH2) Owner’s Manual

The Liberator Rocket Heater is made with 1/4″ A500 Grade Structural Steel and is built to last a lifetime. That’s why we back it with our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Here’s everything included with your offer:

1. The Liberator Gen 2 (RMH2) – 16″ inches wide, 24″ inches front to back, and 36″ inches tall.
2. 100% Limited Lifetime Warranty (A $200.00 value).
3. Free Shipping to the Continental United States (A $350.00 value!).

The Liberator Rocket Heater Pellet Hopper

The Liberator Pellet Hopper Adapter allows your Rocket Heater to burn an entire bag of fuel pellets for over twelve hours. Outside air allows you to pull in combustion air from outside the home. Efficiency can be improved by up to 5% via the outside air intake.

Drops in any Liberator Rocket Heater (with outside air intake adapter installed) and allows you to burn an entire 40 pound bag of pellets for over ten hours!

This rocket heater with the optional Pellet Hopper accessory is a completely gravity fed pellet stove that requires no electricity and is inherently reliable with no moving parts, burns quietly, cleanly, and is easy to remove for burning wood. Cleaning requires less than 15 seconds to clean the combustion chamber after a night’s burn.

How to use the Pellet Hopper

Open the ash cleanout door and and insert the burn grate until the edge of the metal grate is within the tube just enough to allow the ash cleanout door to close again, ideally as close to making contact with the ash cleanout door as possible. Check and ensure that the ash cleanout door can be closed. Close the door.

Fill the hopper with pellets. Use a torch to ignite the pellets. Make sure that the torch’s flame is making contact with the fuel pellets and use a left to right sweeping motion across the burn grate for approximately 25 to 30 seconds. Turn off the torch and place it in another room. Close the ash cleanout door. The stove should now be burning pellets.

Burn Grate (Used for Pellets)

Warranty does not cover burn grate, a small grate in the combustion chamber used for pellets. This Heavy Duty Burn Grate is made from exotic 253 Stainless Steel for the frame/carriage and a high austenitic nickel alloy. These alloys are each rated for higher temperatures than the nozzles the Saturn V Rockets that took astronauts to the Moon were made from. These are replacement grates. Your heater comes with 1 HD Burn Grate when new.

Despite its exotic alloy construction, the extreme combustion temperatures of a Rocket Heaters means we can only guarantee the burn grate will last one year. Some customers have reported the grate lasting up to 5 years.

Canadian Customers:

All Canadian buyers must go through our Canadian distributor to purchase any of our products. Please visit Eugenes website linked here.

Alaskan, Hawaii, or International Customers

Please call or E-mail us for shipping quote to Alaska, Hawaii, and international sales.

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