Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions by our customers. Have something not listed? Send us a message at

“What are the dimensions/specifications of the heater?”

– 16″ inches wide, 24″ inches front to back, and 36″ inches tall.

-The heater weighs 165 pounds without the pellet hopper. The pellet hopper and outside air intake adapter together weigh 36 pounds. The heater when crated and with all accessory’s weighs 300 pounds.

“Can this heater be coupled to or integrated with thermal mass?”

– In theory, yes. But doing so is an unconventional installation method, so please check first with your local building codes, insurance provider, and be sure to consult an expert and abide by NRTL and NFPA guidelines. I also recommend contacting your local fire marshal. And remember, be sure to use common sense. We are not liable for any damages.

“How big of a home can this heater keep warm?” (This applies to all structures)

– The size of house/structure a Rocket Heater can heat varies and is determined by a plethora of factors. How cold are your winters? Geographic location, a house in Alaska will require more heat than an identical house in Arizona. How well insulated is your house? Do you use south facing walls and windows to absorb sunlight and heat during the day? How tall are your ceilings? Is it a two story house? Whats your average wind speed and wind chill factor in your area? Are there tree’s around your house to act as wind breaks? I can’t really answer this question with a degree of fine accuracy. This is something that will have to be determined by your own uique specific needs, considerations, and variables. However, I can speak from personal experience. We heat an 1800 square foot pole barn with 12 foot ceilings. When its in the single digits outside, the barn usually stays about 68 degree’s F.

“I live in Canada and would like to buy your heater. Do you ship to Canada?”

– Yes! In addition to being listed to UL-1482 we are also listed to ULC-S627 which is the Canadian safety standard. Please contact us for shipping details.

“How long will this heater run without refueling it?”

– Anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half on wood, depending fuel usage and what type and size of wood is used. On pellets the heater can run 12 to 16 hours.

“What are the dimensions of the heater? How large is it?”

– The heaters base plate is 16″ inches wide and 24″ inches from front to back. The overall footprint is 20″ inches wide and 26″ inches from front to back. The heater is 36″ inches tall.

“I have an existing fireplace chimney I would like to have the heater installed to. Can I hook up the heater to my chimney?”

– Yes, you can. We recommend using a flue liner. Be sure to read and abide by the Owners Manual and follow all building codes.

“How many BTU’s is this heater rated to?”
Wood stove company’s BTU rating is a measurement of fuel consumption, not heat output into your home/structure/building. Most wood stoves waste a large portion of their flue/chimney. Our heater due to its large volume heat exchanger, exhausting from the bottom of the exchanger and therefore only venting the coolest gases and trapping the hotter gases at the top, and high surface area to radiate heat via emissivity maximizes thermodynamic heat transfer into your home.

“Can I cook on this heater?”

-Yes, absolutely. The top plate is designed to double as a hot plate for cooking.

“How long will this heater last?”

-We’ve seen only light surface oxidation on our earliest prototypes which are now approaching half a decade old. The heater is designed so that overfiring is very difficult to do. Overfiring, not use or age, is what causes burn-out and burn-through.

“Can I heat water with this heater?”

-Place a pot of water atop the heater. It will boil quite nicely.

“How often do I need to clean out the heater?”
-About once a day. Simply place a metal pan such as a steel pie tray or some other similar container underneath the ash cleanout door. Then remove the ash cleanout door and use the provided ash cleanout tool to pull the ashes out of the heater. Cleanout takes less than 20 seconds.

“Do you have other sizes available?”

-Not yet. We might in the future.

“What about children and pets?”

-Its a wood stove. As with all wood stoves, don’t touch it.

“Is this an outdoor stove?”

-No. No it is not.

“Can I hookup your heater to my air ducts/central air system?”

-Its not meant to be integrate into ducting or forced air systems. Its designed to be a standalone radiant heater. You can still disperse air throughout your house with fans.

“Can I burn plastic in this heater?”

-No. I would highly recommend against doing that. Please don’t burn plastic in any wood stove. In fact, please don’t burn plastic at all.

“What about foam? Can I burn foam?”

-No petroleum products!

“Can I build a wall between the feed tube and heat exchanger so I can heat one room and fuel it from another?”
-. . . . . . . . . . No.

“Can I replace that aluminum ball knob on the feed tube lid with the hood ornament from a car?”

-Sure. You go for it! (Make sure its not made of plastic).

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