The Liberator Rocket Heater can do what other wood stoves can’t.

[Graphic  - Restrictive Oxygen Flow] [Pictured - a Traditional Wood Stove] This traditional design wastes most of the heat it creates, and does not burn clean, creating more soon, ash, and harmful particles.
[Pictured – a Traditional Wood Stove] This traditional design wastes most of the heat it creates, and does not burn clean, creating more soon, ash, and harmful particles.
  1. Burns BOTH Pellets and Wood.

  2. Burns wood pellets with over 99% combustion efficiency once fully lit.

  3. Uses One-Fourth the wood a typical wood stove uses because it burns all VOCs. (Volatile Organic Compounds, stuff that burns!)

  4. Maximizes air draft and oxygen supply similar to metallurgical blast furnaces.

  5. Takes advantage of all three modes of heating: Convection, Conduction, and Infrared.

  6. Reaches a max temperature of over 600F (315C) in only 5 minutes.

Save on fuel and electrical bills by heating up to 2,000 square feet completely free by using wood from your yard. The Liberator Rocket Heater is more efficient than any conventional wood stove and we stand by that promise. Conventional wood stoves limit the air supply, restricting oxygen flow.

This wood stove is an obsolete design, completely inefficient compared to the Liberator Rocket Heater technology. Even with a good and clean burn, all the heat goes up the chimney into the sky.

Here’s our Founder and CEO to personally further discuss the complete excellence of the Liberator Rocket Heater:

Hello, I’m Sky Huddleston CEO of Liberator LLC here to talk a little bit about the history of Rocket Heaters and what inspired us to make the world’s best Rocket Heater.

Rocket Heaters earliest known relative, the Rocket Stove, was originally conceived in 1982 by Dr. Larry Winiarsky for the Aprovecho Research Center. Ianto Evans of the Cobb Cottage Co. then proceeded to apply Dr. Winiarsky’s principles on cook stoves to household heating using Cobb as a thermal mass, in effect creating a unique masonry heater. Ernie and Erica Wisner then picked up on this technology and further developed it into a full fledged masonry heater.

Since that time Rocket Heaters, and their masonry counterparts, Rocket Mass Heaters, have taken off with the general public and have seen almost viral like attention throughout the internet, particularly on permaculture, ecology, nature, botany, self sufficient living, homestead, and off grid living forums and their respective communities and sub cultures.

Rocket Heaters have grown and continue to evolve out of a necessity to use wood cleanly and sustainably as a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional heating sources, and to rival gas and electric as the sustainable and economical heating source of the next century.

A typical Rocket Mass Heater made with cob  and other natural materials coupled with a 55 gallon drum for the primary heat exchanger. Please note that masonry heaters and heaters with thermal mass are not UL listed and must be built on site. So unless you are a professional or know what you are doing, and your home’s foundation can support over 1200 pounds of weight, and assuming your insurance will cover such a heater and your building codes will allow it, then chances are this type of masonry heater is probably not going to be viable for you.

Don’t find yourself caught off guard by the winter chills hitting you with higher utility bills. A good efficient wood stove is not only an investment in a cheaper, greener heating/cooking appliance, it’s insurance for when the going gets tough, be it a power outage, financial peril, or anything else old man winter in conjunction with Murphy’s Law could throw your way.

-Sky Huddleston, CEO and Founder of Liberator Rocket Heaters LLC

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